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THINK and BroBizz launch new app

Every day thousands of Danes use the BroBizz payment service for paying toll to cross bridges, getting on ferries, for paying road tolls in Norway, Austria, and for paying for parking in the Danish airports.

To make the BroBizz experience even more frictionless and secure, we’ve designed a companion app for the BroBizz unit. The app makes the driver feel safe in the knowledge that the payment device is ready and linked to a working credit card, lets her see all her transactions and informs her about all the many places where she can use her BroBizz device.

Thank you to our client BroBizz A/S and to our razor sharp friends from Greener Pastures, who’ve done an amazing job coding for iOS and Android.

The BroBizz app is ready for download for all BroBizz users in Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.