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Strong financial report for fiscal year 2016

2016 has been a great year for THINK, and it’ is now topped with an annual financial statement that is even better than our annual reports from previous years.

Both revenue and EBITA grew significantly in 2016.

EBITA ended up at DKK 6.3 mio. and gross revenue was DKK 25.7 mio.

Thus, an improvement of all key numbers and especially the EBITA margin, which grew from 18% (2015) to 25% (2016).
Link to financial report database:

In 2016 we launched a new strategy, and in this regard we completed a name change from Think! Digital to THINK.
Focus is now even more on the development of strategic digital design as well an increased focus on the design of digital product and service experiences.

2016 was really the year we became a “well established” agency. We have been through a major investment in rebuilding and expanding our offices, so that we now have more than 1,000 fantastic square meters on Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Also, the management structure was changed by expanding the partner team with Toke Grøfte, Nanna Engberg and Annelise Vedel.

Mentions in Danish media Guldregn over digitalt bureau (in Danish)