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Site of The Day and a Developer Award go to THINK for

The Awwwards community and jury has decided that THINK's design for management consultancy QVARTZ is one of 365 designs to be featured in the book Best Websites Around The World 2018. is the Site of The Day of July 29.

The global Awwwards community and jury comprises digital designers from all over the world, and to have a design featured as Site of The Day is a very nice recognition of our design skills by our peers.

Also, the developer jury decided to award the website with the Awwwards developer award for its implementation in html, css, js and on the Umbraco platform. For the geeks out there: The smooth frontend has been achieved with a combination of barba.js and custom JavaScript which adds that application-like goodness to the experience. For SEO and accessability reasons, the site still renders perfectly without Javascript.

Thank you to QVARTZ for letting us make a site not like the ones of other management consultancies out there, and to the skilled people at Kraftvaerk for implementing our design and front-end code on the Umbraco CMS platform.