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My Hempel global B2B platform

Back in 2015, THINK created the concept and design for My Hempel: A global digital B2B platform for Hempel’s customers.

Since then, the platform has been further developed and now Hempel provides a fantastic digital service that creates a unique relationship to a large and diverse customer base worldwide.

During 2015 and 2016 THINKs work for Hempel brought us as far as Bahrain, Finland, Norway and Sweden to gather data on how to best cater for the different Hempel customer types. We conducted interviews with all major stake holders from Hempel’s business units to find the common denominators and to pin point the most important customer pains to solve.

From our findings and design visions, Hempel went on to build what is now My Hempel – a modular, user- and task centric service that strengthens the bond between Hempel and each individual customer. More than 300 customers have been rolled onto the platform, and the feedback has been very positive.

It’s great to see such testimonials from end users: My Hempel customer testimonials