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Global launch of redesigned

QVARTZ IS A GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY that understands that the future can not be described with spreadsheets only. People are the primary factor and empathy is one of the most important tools in both strategy development and change management. The Danish company's distinct approach has enabled QVARTZ to become a rapid success on the global stage and we are extremely proud to have worked with them on their brand new website:

The website serves all markets but the deceptively simple aesthetics act as a stunning front for what is otherwise a complex rule-based content management system that delivers content based on each visitor’s behavior and geography. In this way, QVARTZ's global culture seamlessly merges with the need for local relevance at market level, without the editorial board having to maintain more than one website.

A huge thank you goes out to the QUARTZ partners, their marketing team and the other amazing dogbiters we have met along the way. They have all shown trust, dedication and courage throughout the process. We’d also like to send big high fives to the skilled developers and architects at Kraftvaerk who made our ideas, design and frontend code come to life on the Umbraco platform.