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Putting the customer back in control

In 2017, the Telia chose to rebuild its digital selfservice experience from the ground up. Key to this effort was giving the customer even more control. After an extensive search for the right partner, Telia chose THINK to design an entirely new, engaging customer service platform.

Your Control Center

With Mit Telia the Telia customer can manage her entire Telia account from anywhere: She can keep tabs on her and her families data usage, she can check her bill, manage her plan, get help, and switch value added services, and of course manage multiple subscriptions in one place. It’s the control center every telco customer has yearned for: All services in one accessible place.

Carefully Crafted Cross Channel Experience

But Mit Telia is more than just your ordinary responsive website. E-mails and text messages engage the customer throughout her lifecycle, from onboarding to winback. Every step of the user journey has been carefully crafted to support the customer in the most relevant channel – it’s a true omnichannel experience.

A New Way of Working

Within Telia, the Mit Telia project was meant to disrupt and transform not only the customer experience, but also the way Telia works with innovation, design and development. To support change, the Mit Telia team was housed outside the main offices – UX designers, visual designers and frontend developers from THINK worked on-premises with project managers and developers from Telia. Twice a month different departments from the organization visited the project to learn from this new, agile way of working – even the entire c-level team took part in several demos.