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Lead digital agency for OKQ8

OKQ8 Scandinavia is one of the largest oil companies in Scandinavia with a gross revenue of more than 30 billion DKK. It runs 243 service stations across Denmark and more than 700 service stations in Sweden.

THINK has worked for OKQ8 Scandinavia since the autumn of 2012. With focus on the customer, our ongoing aim is to provide relevant communication and targeted services that provide real help while remaining simple to use. At the base of this effort is the digital strategy and its long term goals in both the Danish and Swedish markets.

THINK has been our go-to digital agency for a number of years. In addition to invaluable strategic and creative sparring, they have a highly pragmatic mentality and a hands-on approach, which helps us with our digital transformation. The fact that we can use the same agency to think big creative ideas and help with the daily execution is a great advantage.
Kim Tingager, Head of Digital Business Development and Operations, OKQ8 Scandinavia

Improved UX boosts conversion

Many OKQ8 stations in Sweden offer rental cars to their customers. THINK was challenged with the task of designing a seamless online experience that could address not only varying vehicle availability but also station participation differences.

Our approach was to turn the typical car rental flow on its head. Rather than force a user through several steps before letting them know that their desired car is not available, we started with the location of the customer – followed by the availability of cars in their vicinity. In this context the map became an important part of the process. It shows participating service stations nearby as well as the selection of cars available at each of these locations.

You can experience the entire flow here:


Conversions rose by 26% compared to the same period the previous year. This translated to an added turnover of 8,600,000 DKK.
Performance report

A modular service experience

OKQ8 has B2B customers of varying sizes and degrees of company involvement. It would therefore be impossible to make a one-size-fits-all solution for this client base. Our solution then, was to create a modular portal that could encompass a number of apps – each of which would cater to specific use scenerios. Some were classic sales funnels, others were more service based (loyalty card overviews and employee usage summaries, for example). When a user logs in, the system displays an overview based on the user’s involvement with OKQ8. Similarly, some of the apps themselves have user management features that allow admins to control the level of information made available to each employee.


The feedback we have received from our customers has been very positive. We believe that the convenience of having one collected online platform for all user scenarios gives us an edge over our competitors.

In addition, we have actually seen a rise in conversions on some of the products we sell via the apps.
Louise Mylius, E-commerce manager B2B, OKQ8 Scandinavia

Drive-to-shop with digital cupons

OKQ8 wanted to be more than just a place to pump gas. They wanted to be a relevant kiosk alternative even for those who do not own a car. They have the opening hours and product assortments to do it, so the challenge then, was changing people’s perception. That is where Quick Offers came in. Quick Offers are occasional discounts on popular products – those previously only found on the receipt for customer’s who’ve purchased gas.

Moving the Quick Offers into the app made them available for all users. Quick offers also provided the app with a feature that ensures continuous use: The user receives a notification within the app when a new quick offer is available, which they can then claim at the their nearest OKQ8 station. The app currently has 30,000 users in Denmark who, in a period of only 3 months, have claimed 15,400 OKQ8 offers.

In addition to making Quick Offers available to all users, the app boasts a functionality that caters exclusively to its drivers. Once they have tapped in their car’s registration number, the user is presented with a list of products best suited for their car’s make and model. They need never risk buying the wrong oil ever again.

Every product catalogued

A few years ago OKQ8 started the massive work of identifying and logging every product they have in an online product catalogue. It is a great example of hard offline work that just needed to get done in order to harvest the benefits online.

The catalogue can now be found on the website as well as in the app. A customer can enter their car’s registration number and immediately see which products are appropriate for that particular car. When they have chosen a product they can easily locate the nearest station which has it in stock.

But it doesn’t stop there. There will soon be screens in every OKQ8 station where customers can easily acces the product catalogue and find what they need for their particular car. The interface sequence will therefore be adjusted to display the products in stock at this particular station rather than those available at others.

The Online Product Catalogue has not only provided its end users with great value, it has enabled OKQ8 to streamline their processes as well as boost their ranking on Google.

The Websites

Contentwise, the Danish and Swedish sites ( and had begun to diverge over time – so much so that it seemed like a monumental task to bring the two sites back into alignment. There was still the running of daily business to take care of and changing the layout or structure would require more resources than were available.

THINK, in close collaboration with the developers at Kraftvaerk, initiated, therefore a more pragmatic, one-piece-at-a-time approach to overhauling the website. Every time we remake a section of the website, we do so with shared templates – which are implemented in both countries and used in the same way.

At the core of this process has been a tight team of people from THINK, Kraftwerk and both Q8 Denmark and OKQ8 Sweden. We meet once a month, mostly in Sweden, to discuss, prioritise and evaluate ongoing and future projects. This has been a huge success and has contributed to bringing the Danish and Swedish divisions closer together. and are now reaping the benefits of using shared modules. When one area is reworked, the project load is shared and the results take effect in both countries at the same time. The editors (both Danish and Swedish) enjoy more flexibility, are able to react more quickly to seasonal changes and campaigns, and can conduct tests with much greater ease.