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New website for DR Koncerthuset

Designed by the famous French architect, Jean Nouvel, DR Koncerthuset is home to the Danish National Symphony Orchestra as well as the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Danish National Concert Choir, Danish National Girls Choir, Danish National Children’s Choir, Danish National Sprouts Choir and DR Big Band.

Inspired by Danish author Peter Høeg and his famous book ‘Smilla’s Sense of Snow‘, Jean Nouvel designed DR Koncerthuset’s magnificent blue structure to symbolize an ice glacier. The concert hall itself represents a meteor, wedged into the ice. The colour palette established for the website takes its inspiration, in turn, from both the exterior and interior design of the building. The distinctive blue of the exterior is applied as a key element throughout the website. The purple, turquoise, red and concrete grey colours of the building’s interior are adjusted and fine tuned for online display used as accent colours for various ensembles.

Visit the site:

In order to match the digital navigation with the physical navigation as closely as possible, we revived the font 'Foundry Monoline', which is used on signage throughout DR Koncerthuset.
Simon Vinter Nielsen, Design Director THINK
A less hierarchical approach to information architecture has resulted in a site that is always focused on events and without the need for complex navigation tools. All roads lead to conversion.
Klaus Silberbauer, Creative Director & Partner, THINK

Design Patterns

Presentation of the concert hall and each of the 4 studios is inspired by the the building’s interior design as well as the distinct patterns unique to each space. For the concert hall, a pattern of shelves – inspired by the meteor shell surrounding the concert hall – is strategically placed at the uppermost edge of the hero element and transforms as the users scrolls down the page. The harlequin pattern applied to the pages for studio 1 is inspired by the characteristic windows of this venue. The same principle is applied for the movable printed boxes of studio 2, the piano pattern of studio 3 and the adjustable triangles of studio 4.